Oh So Shabby By Debbie blog was created March 2012. After fourteen months on my Facebook page Oh So Shabby By Debbie Reynolds, I felt it was time for me personally to take it to the next level. I’ve had such an awesome time on my Facebook page, and have met some of the most awesome people you could ever imagine. It just seemed fitting that I take that page and share it and the new blog all over the Internet. With 121,000 readers and growing, and according to Facebook insights we have over 1,000,000 unique visitors from all over the world visit our page monthly ~we reach a lot of people.

Who stops in to check Oh So Shabby By Debbie Reynolds?

People that love to be inspired and inspire others, those looking to find great ideas, and share their ideas in decorating, both home and garden ideas. They want to see what is out there that fits them, and many of them want to do it right from their homes.
Shop from home online.

What does it take to advertise with me, and what do you get here. Our Price specials as we open are 125 X 250 only ad space located in our sidebar.  Cost: starting at $100.00 for three months, we only sell ad’s in three month space at a time to start,longer ad time can be discussed.

Oh So Shabby By Debbie, will do one blog post during that three month period, as well as one giveaway. This also guarantees your ad is seen by our email reader subscribers as well as those who visit our site directly.

125 X 250 ad space located in our sidebar. Sponsor will need to provide the appropriate size image to display. If you do not have an image and would like us to create one to your design specifications the cost for this size ad is $40.00. This image will become your sole property.

Oh So Shabby By Debbie is a family friendly site. We reserve the right to refuse any sponsorship that is not a “good fit” for our community or is not a positive reflection of the values here at Oh So Shabby By Debbie

If you are interested in sponsoring Oh So Shabby By Debbie or would like to inquire about sponsorship in a capacity not listed above please feel free to contact us through our Contact Page or at: I look forward to working with each of you.


$100 for 3 Months

I've followed Debbie on her facebook page for over a year now. Her posts are always so personable and from the heart - she's genuine and it shows.
The inspiring photographs she shares comes from a discerning eye and inspires us all. I was thrilled when Debbie decided to start her blog so that she could share even more of her life. Fortunately, she provided the opportunity for advertising and I was quick to jump on board. I have been more than pleased with the quality of marketing that Debbie has provided. While I have an ad on her blog, she goes the extra mile by posting on my facebook page and promoting City Farmhouse through her own personal facebook page a well. My goal in advertising on her blog was to drive more traffic to my facebook page were I promote my shop, City Farmhouse. Debbie has certainly succeeded in helping to do this. Great rates, effective results, a stellar personality to pull it all off, what more could you ask for?! She's a real jewel!

Kim and David City Farmhouse

Kim and David Leggett
City Farmhouse

Thanks to Oh So Shabby by Debbie, we at PD Piddles have noticed an increased traffic to our website as well as inquiries coming from our Facebook page increasing our overall sales. Our results have far exceeded our expectations.

We couldn't have asked for a better cost effective way to gain "exposure" for our company in this flat economy. We highly recommend using Oh So Shabby by Debbie for your advertising needs!

Robert Thompson
PD Piddles

I write inspirational novels and I advertise on this page. I know what you're thinking; what is a writer doing advertising on a home decorating page? Well, I'm glad you asked. I met Debbie about a year ago while wandering through sites doing research for a novel. I wanted to learn more about the "shabby" style as I developed a certain character.

As I got to know Debbie, I was amazed at how she poured so much of herself into her page! I soon discovered that Debbie's site was about more than just taking old things and giving them new life. It was about relationships. A quote by, Audrey Hepburn, comes to mind when I think about what Debbie is doing here- "People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone."

Since advertising with Oh So Shabby, by Debbie Reynolds, the traffic on my web-site has gone up and the number of "likes" on my Bell Forest and Water on a Sea Star facebook pages is increasing daily. I'm thrilled about that!

But, I have a confession to make. I'm now a full-blown "shabby addict" and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this page and Debbie Reynolds. She's such an inspiration to me and I consider her a treasured friend.

Warm Regards,

Annie M. Cole

Annie M Cole
Writer/Author of Bell Froest and Water on a Sea Star

We only began following Debbie for a few short weeks before we were hooked. We cannot begin to express how talented she is and how loyal she is to her "shabby" community. We met Debbie at our established business and fell in love with her personality. She mentioned her new blog and how she was going to allow businesses to adverstise. With her following, there was no way we could not jump on the chance. The advertising, her shout outs, and recommendations have far exceeded our expectations. We have ladies who say, "Debbie sent me", and moms who have had to visit the area with their child at Children's Hospital. It is amazing how Debbie has helped our business whether it is just walk ins, word of mouth, likes on Facebook, or future repeat customers. She is sure to not disapoint. We are so thankful for the business and personal relationship Oh So Shabby by Debbie Reynolds has provided us with. With all of that said, I highly recommend using Oh So Shabby for any of your advertising needs.

-Trussville Antiques & Interiors

Trussville Antique Mall
Trussville Antique Mall

I have been following the facebook page of Oh So Shabby by Debbie and have loved seeing what she has to post each day. Recently, I have had the privilege to advertise on her blog and it has been awesome. I have had many more visits to my web site and blog and orders have picked up considerably.

Thank you, Debbie, for all you do to help us, through your site.

It is has been a great opportunity to reach over 33,000 people at one time, through her blog!

Gracie and co

Shirley McClellanI have been advertising on Debbie's blog for a month and a half. The response has been remarkable. I will renew my ad when my first 3 months are up. Debbie helped me along the way with advice on how to get it all set up. I had not even used Paypal before! She got me through it all.

I have several chronic illnesses. We had a house fire in October and were displaced for several months. We were in a hotel where our family was split into 2 different rooms. Our Christmas tree was the one in the hotel lobby. We returned home the day after Christmas to an unfinished house. Over 600 boxes were packed into a container in our yard. I am a disorganized person and suffer from depression. Then in the early Spring I was severely assaulted. The depression got worse. I have followed Flylady for many years for help with even keeping my household chores under control and to fight depression from the illnesses, especially since I had to stop working at a job I loved. One day she mentioned Debbie's Oh So Shabby facebook page. I immediately went to check it out. I started following it daily. Then I started going to look at the pages she recommended. I realized that I needed to get my backside in gear and start doing the things that I had been interested in since I was a kid, antiques, decorating and crafts. I started saving pictures for inspiration. I got encouraged. Then I realized that my best friend was in about the same shape I was and that another friend was too. I started the page and with their help it took off. We quickly found out that there were a lot of folks out there with chronic illnesses who felt the same way we do and we all started bonding. We now have a wonderful network of friends which would never have happened without Debbie, her kindness and her faith in God. We have also opened up a booth to sell a lot of our stuff that we had in storage, I have taken an Annie Sloan Chalk Painting course, and we are now opening up a shop on facebook. I just have to do everything very slowly and take my time. Thank you, Debbie and Susan.

Shirley McClellan Davis, Texas master florist
Junk and Roses

Shirley McClellan
Junk & Roses

I just love, love, lovepartnering with Oh So Shabby! Debbie is such a joy to work with, and really goes the extra mile to help your business grow! On days that I getwonderfully surprised by exploding numbers of new Facebook fans, I can bepretty sure that Debbie has just given me another shout-out! I've worked withcountless bloggers since being in business, and a blogger as sweet, helpful,and effective as Debbie is a rare find! She is a real treasure, and I cannotrecommend her highly enough! ~Paula Ramm, IndependentConsultant for Lilla Rose

Paula Pamm

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