Welcome to Our Country Home

Welcome to our home ~ In Alabama


Step up on the front porch, and have a look.

My guest room, with all of my parents things, they are not much in the way of monatary value, but they are priceless to me .




Family/TV Room at Christmas


  1. Thank you for sharing throughout the year. You have so many beautiful decorating ideas and yummy recipes and you’re gracious enough to share with us that aren’t as creative.

    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Shabby.

    ~ Deveny

  2. Thank you for opening your home and heart to us, Debbie. I feel so blessed to have found you on FB and follow you also on Pinterest. You have some beautiful, heartfelt stories that have touched my heart these last months I’ve been following you, along with some wonderful recipes I’m looking forward to trying out. I feel a kinship with you, as I’m sure many do, because I am so much like you in many ways, although I don’t have the wonderful way with words quite as you do. Even the story you’ve shared of your childhood… mine was very similar. There isn’t a photo, a ‘saying’ a recipe that doesn’t put a smile on my face. You are a breath of fresh air to me and I rejoice also in your relationship with the Lord, as we are sisters in Christ. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Dianne

  3. Diane Pratt says:

    Dear Debbie & Mr. Shabby,
    Your kindness & help to me & everyone sharing not only your lovely Holiday decorations
    but also your recepies. Have a lovely Christmas & a New Year filled with good health
    and happiness,

  4. Diane Pratt says:

    I made an error my email address is Dsnowbird21@aol.com

  5. Debbie, your porch and family room are so pretty! I really like the huge wooden Santa and JOY sign and that realy BIG chalkboard above the fireplace! You always do the most interesting things! Thank you so much for sharing! You’re such a sweetheart! Hugs, Leena

  6. joanne nixon says:

    debbie…it is always such a pleasure to read your posts, share your beautiful pics and the absolutely divine recipes. i wish you and yours the most blessed christmas. thank you for letting us into your life….xxxx

  7. Debbie, I saw your post about being a “night time housewife”, is that putting it correctly? I am actually a past wife from 2 marriages, & 35 years! Does that qualify me!? You know, on the TV shows, there are all kinds of wives & exes, makes life interesting. I would still be married to one of them if one wasn’t an alcoholic or one wasn’t narcissistic! HAHA! i am so over them, but still a woman in a home!!! HAHA! Let me know what you are looking for, OK? Thanks, Judy

    • Yes Judy it sure does… We need someone to post like mid day would that be possible for you??

      Email me at ohsoshabbyblog@gmail.com And you can tell me if that will work for you, what days it may not work ect?? Love to have yo on board with us Judy.. I can’t tell you how much I thank you for even responding.. I hope that this page takes off like Oh So Shabby, in a positive way too.. Looking up for the answers, and guideance


    • Yes Judy, if you’d like to post on the Housewives for Real, we’d love to have you, just let me know in a private message on Oh So Shabby, ok

      Merry Christmas


  8. Barbara Yankoski says:

    Debbie, I follow you daily on FB and there is nothing “Shabby” about anything you do. I feel like I know you and Mr. Shabby and That cute guy I married said too bad you called your husband that as he feels that now that he has just turned 69, he thinks he should be called Mr. Shabby!!! I often lose track of time strolling through your FB posts and now you blog. You are a delightful read, an amazing lady and I for one am proud and happy to call you my friend in cyberspace. I wish you and Mr. Shabby and your family a very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year and hope you will continue blogging and FBing for a great long while. I have tried several of your recipes and loved them and often post your pictures or cute sayings on my own wall and I’d like to follow you on Pinterest too. Hugs from me on the west coast of Canada. ….barby

  9. Marselle Margraff says:

    I love your website and always pass the photos on to my friends. Please keep it up. I could not find the “follow” you told us to click on but I have this site. Happy new year!

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