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Never say a small space can’t be all you need.. Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating has proven it can be done. I’d say this young lady made the most of her space, and what a beautiful job she did ..  She ROCKED this condo.. Awesome job Kristi.. Check out her awesome blog at http://www.addicted2decorating.com/my-tiny-condo-breakfast-room-makeover-before-and-after.html


blog atcondo-breakfast-room-before-1



kristi 1


kristi 2


kelly 4


  1. Any idea what color that blue paint is? I LOVE this use of space!

  2. Wow! What an amazing transformation. She really took advantage of all the available space to make a super-functional and attractive room.

  3. GORGEOUS!!!! Way to MAXIMIZE your space!! LOVE the kitties. :)

  4. Andi Zimmerline says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  5. Andi Zimmerline says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. Mary Howard Withers says:

    She certainly did a fabulous makeover!! I love the colors and the ‘cat bed’ plus everything else!!!

  7. Sharon Godwin says:

    I love the ideas incorporated into this small space. The green chandelier is so eye catching. Thanks for sharing this Debbie.

  8. I wish she took a picture at the same angle as the before shot… It is beautiful however.

  9. What an amazing job this person did. I hope we can see more pictures.

  10. What an all around beautiful place & great use of space!!

  11. Debbie, thank you so much for sharing my breakfast room makeover!! :)

  12. So beautiful! And it’s refreshing to see how she embraced color!

    :) Linda

  13. I really enjoy the beautiful pictures of the serene and lovely south. The recipes are super also. It gives much pleasure to have these items together on one site

  14. Linda Baker says:

    Love what has been done with a small space. Decor is fantastic!

  15. fran cranston says:

    love the bead broad ceiling, and sprayed chandilier, but would have left the crystals shine.

  16. I love the fact that she has a special place for her cat. They are predators and they like to be up high so this is perfect for the little black and white sweet paws. The padding against the wall where the table is couldn’t be more perfect.

  17. What a great job! And I’m an interior designer myself. Love the colors and all the added storage without making it LOOK like it’s all about adding storage.
    I’m currently doing the something similar myself to a rental apartment. Obviously mine is completely low cost oriented as I don’t own the place.
    And you can check out my blog on my progress. (yes, the place is old and run down…it’s a process) LOL

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