Mr Shabby’s DIY Boxwood Wreaths

I had intended to make them myself, and bought the grapevine wreaths, while Mr Shabby collected the boxwood steams for me. I had not felt good this past week, so Friday afternoon I napped for a bit.. When I woke and went into my kitchen, there on our Island were two awesome Boxwood wreaths Mr Shabby had done for me, while I was napping.. All I had to do was trim the up! He followed this tutorial, he said it was very easy so here you guys are! 

To make the wreath, just begin sticking the boxwood leaves into your grapevine wreath, working your way around and filling the front. The tutorial called for hot glue, but we didn’t need it.  Which is awesome because it will make it really easy to refresh or change it up, if needed. A simple project that add’s a Holiday touch ion your home.. The wreaths were 8.99, Box wood free! I’m liking that 

    DIY Boxwood Wreath03


 One for my DIY chalkboard framed with an old frame I redid that the glass was broken. I added a wooden back, painted it with the “Chalkboard paints” and we added Mr Shabby’s boxwood for fun!




 His last but not least handmade boxwood  from the tutorial above is  around our heifer head “Dolly” we call her, that was purchased from Decor Steals from   You may not like  the cow heads, but right now they are huge, and I have loved them forever! and love them still.



  1. Love the wreaths and they will look fabulous when decorated for Christmas. The only unfortunate thing is I couldn’t access the tutorial as there were some sort of commercial which I couldn’t get past to see it. I get the idea from the pictures though and will try to give it a go.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Kathleen Himes says:

    I just love boxwood! The wreaths are beautiful, and so wonderful that he surprised you with them. He’s a keeper, that one!

  3. diiana yokley says:

    LOVE your site all your inspirational messages, all the recipes. Thanks for making my days brighter.God Bless You!

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